In this video Neil Tappin and Jezz Ellwood take a look at 6 unofficial rules of golf.

6 Unofficial Rules Of Golf

This relates to those things that make the game fairer, faster and generally more enjoyable for everyone. In fact, these would all fall under the banner of good etiquette on the golf course and they might seem like common sense but mistakes can happen. If you are a less experienced golfer, hopefully this gives you an idea of the pitfalls to avoid. For those who play regularly, this should act as a handy reminder for what to do and what not to do while you are out on the golf course!

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6 Unofficial Rules Of Golf

6. Pointing out danger

This can be done unknowingly but it can be impactful on the person about to play their shot.

Of course this does occasionally fit into the mind games of the sport but it also has a place if you or your playing partners are unfamiliar with the course.

Perhaps waiting for the right moment to point out danger is the key though, not as your opponent is about to hit their shot.

5. Stay quiet as you can

We have all played with someone who rustles their golf clubs on your downswing and it always puts you off. Or people who talk during your shot too. Both are rather annoying so an unofficial rule we should abide by when people are playing shots is to stay as quiet as possible.

No talking, no clanging of clubs, no movement of zips. All of this can wait until your playing partner has played their shot. It is just courteous to give each other 5-10 seconds of concentration.

4. Never presume a putt is given

Everyone has a different take on what is a gimme, and what isn’t. It is always better to check.

3. Letting groups through

This should be a standard bit of etiquette in the game of golf. If your ball is in the trouble and the group behind is already on the tee waiting, waving them through is a way to allow the game to continue smoothly.

Alternatively if you are playing in a four-ball and a two-ball is behind you, let them through. Slower groups should let faster groups through.

The whole game for everyone becomes that little bit more enjoyable because everyone can then play at their own pace.

2. Shadows

When the sun is out shadows are the result and making sure they are not distracting your playing partners is a must. Just be aware of where your shadow is.

1. Be ready to play

Making sure you are ready to play when it is your turn is important if we want to play golf at a good, enjoyable pace. This may not seem like a big deal but it saves times in a game that can take a good few hours.

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