How Bettinardi Has Become One Of The Most Premium Brands In Golf

We take a look how Bettinardi is making huge inroads in the UK market with its latest range of premium putters

A group shot of the 2022 range of Bettinardi putters
(Image credit: Bettinardi)

How Bettinardi Has Become One Of The Most Premium Brands In Golf

Founded in 1998 by manufacturer, designer and entrepreneur Robert J. Bettinardi, Bettinardi Golf has been at the forefront of putter design and manufacturing for over two decades, reshaping the industry in the process. Robert turned the putter industry upside down by crafting his putters from a single solid block of metal and coining the term ‘one-piece technology’. Carving away at one piece of material to create a putter allows Bettinardi to create exacting specifications to make some of the most meticulous putter heads on the market. Indeed this process creates a feel and a precision like no other on the putting surface. 

Proudly milled in the US, the combination of Robert’s talent as an innovative club designer and the state-of-the-art machining methods has proven to be a hit with golfers of all abilities around the world. The line up of putters Bettinardi has to offer in 2022 is one of the brand’s biggest to date, with five different families of putters to choose from. Each range of putters comes with a wide range of shaft, length and grip choices to allow golfers to find thier most comfortable and effective set up to take advantage of Bettinardi’s unique and proven production methods. 

An infographic of Tour players currently using Bettinardi putters

(Image credit: Bettinardi)

With an increase in Tour representation alongside demand for the Bettinardi range, a real presence is now being felt across the UK. Many golf clubs and fitting centres are now carrying Bettinardi Putters and we are giving you a complete rundown of the offerings for 2022 and why Bettinardi is a must try when getting your next putter.

BB Series

A group shot of the Bettinardi BB series putters

(Image credit: Bettinardi)

The BB Series is made up primarily of traditional blades that are precision milled from one piece of 303 Stainless Steel; providing  a responsive feel and classic looks behind the ball. The BB8 Wide is designed for the player seeking a more traditional style putter head but is still seeking plenty of forgiveness and confidence from off-centre strikes. The new 2022 BB8 Wide has been engineered with a slightly shorter heel-to-toe and a thinner, Tour-inspired topline. Altogether, it offers a sleek design with fine-tuned performance and acoustics. 

The BB46 represents an all-new compact mallet addition to the BB Series. Designed with feedback from players on the PGA and LPGA Tours, the BB46 has been crafted with a newly featured crowned topline, tight precision-milled radiuses and a single bend shaft that effortlessly flows into the head. Together, it provides golfers with a near face-balanced putter option in the BB series. 

Finally in the BB Series are the BB1 and BB1F putters. This is Robert J. Bettinardi’s most classic piece of work, one that has been refined over generations and generations of improvements. The plumber’s neck offers a more traditional appearance and moderate toe hang, while the head is precisely milled to 350 grams.The BB1F is a flow neck putter, offering all the same looks and performance with a three-quarter toe hang. This is the head shape that most recently in the hands of Matt Fitzpatrick won the US Open.

Inovai Series

A group shot of the Inovai putters by Bettinardi

(Image credit: Bettinardi)

The all new Inovai 8.0 was designed and engineered by Sam Bettinardi to provide players with a putter that offers maximum forgiveness and confidence while putting. It is made with a 303 Stainless Steel front piece for a solid feel at impact while the rear of the putter is made using Military Grade 6061 Aluminium body. The rear design of the Inovai 8.0 putter head gives it a defined look at address while offering more stability and high MOI. 

A view from on top of the Inovai 8.0 putter from Bettinardi

The Inovai 8.0 features a large sightline running through the back of the putter head.

(Image credit: Bettinardi)

Available in three variations, the Spud Neck provides minimal toe hang for those with a straight-back, straight-through putting stroke while the Slant Neck provides a slight toe hang and for those with a slight to moderate arc. There is also an armlock version with minimal toe hang and either a 41” or 42” shaft to lock the putter alongside the forearm. 

A view of the face of the Bettinardi Inovai 6.0 putter

A view of the face of the Bettinardi Inovai 6.0 putter 

(Image credit: Bettinardi)

The newly re-engineered Inovai 6.0 features a 5% smaller head from heel-to-toe, offering a sleek, more compact design than its predecessor. Much like the Inovai 8.0, the 6.0 uses a combination of 303 Stainless Steel at the front and 6061 Aluminium at the back to create a solid feel off the face with cleverly distributed weight for maximum MOI. Available in a Spud Neck with minimal toe hang and Slant Neck for a quarter toe hang, there is a centre shaft option available for a fully face-balanced putter. 

Queen B Series

A group shot of the Queen B series of Bettinardi putters

(Image credit: Bettinardi)

Elegance meets performance in the Queen B Series, made up of three putter models. The Queen B6 is a classic, wide body blade with performance benefits that will suit a player seeking the perfect crossover between blade and mallet. A thinner, Tour-inspired topline with softened and rounded edges make for a modern aesthetic while the single bend shaft is perfect for players with a straight-back, straight-through stroke. 

The Queen B11 offers a more compact mallet shape with soft flowing contours and a crescent-milled neck that provides those with a slight arc in the putting stroke the perfect companion. The design of the puter brings the centre of gravity of the putter to the exact middle of the head for maximum forgiveness and control at impact. Finally in the Queen B Series, the B12 offers players a compact blade shape with a crowned topline to give the putter a beautiful aesthetic for enhanced optics at address. The Queen B12 features a one-piece milled plumbers neck, that is perfect for players looking for a moderate toe-hang blade

A group shot of the Bettinardi Queen B putters

(Image credit: Bettinardi)

Studio Stock Series

A group shot of the Bettinardi Studio Stock Series of putters

(Image credit: Bettinardi )

The high-performance Studio Stock Series is the most extensive in Bettinardi’s current catalogue. With four models available, as well as armlock and centre-shaft options, the Studio Stock Series has a rich heritage of over 20 years of precision and performance. 

The Studio Stock 18 is without a doubt one of the most timeless blades Robert Bettinardi has designed to date. It features a plumbers neck which sits slightly back, offering just the right amount of offset at address. The SS 18 also features a crowned topline design and a low profile body for players looking for the most traditional blade aesthetic possible. 

The Studio Stock 28 is a near face-balanced blade with subtle, refined contours and a thinner topline. This shape allows for greater perimeter weighting and higher MOI characteristics, making it one of the most forgiving models in the Studio Stock Series. It is also available with a centre shaft and armlock variants both of which also are face balanced. 

A group shot in a studio of the Studio Stock Series putters by Bettinardi

From left to right: Bettinardi Studio Stock 7, 17, 18, 28 and 28 Armlock. 

(Image credit: Bettinardi )

The Studio Stock 17 is a more angular, slightly wider blade versus the other models. Players will notice the soft, tri-plane design on the sole that allows for a consistent set up over every putt. The high toe topline and one piece milled slant neck make for a half toe hang, ideal for the player with a more pronounced arc in the putting stroke.

Finally in the Studio Stock Series is the face-balanced SS 7. This is a compact mid-mallet with strong visual cues on the greens to help you line up the ball and the blade more effectively. It’s an original Bettinardi design with a unique half moon shape that allows players to effortlessly line the ball up at address. The positioning of the spud neck with a single bend shaft makes for a perfectly face-balanced putter for excellent overall stability. 

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