deWiz – The Swing Studio on Your Wrist

deWiz delivers an exceptional piece of wearable golf tech that could help you hit the ball Longer, Straighter and Closer

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One of the most appealing facets of golf is the ever-present opportunity of improvement. No matter what level you play at, there are elements of the game you can work on and get better at.

All established golfers, even the very best, have flaws in their swings that are either endemic or can creep in under pressure or over time. A key to playing at your best level is to understand these flaws, identify and thereby correct them.

deWiz - - is a groundbreaking new golf tech that is dedicated to helping serious golfers maximise their games by providing meaningful and useable data points to improve the swing and hit the ball Longer, Straighter and Closer.

deWiz was developed by Swedish golf professional and ex European Tour player Markus Westerberg and his cofounder Christian Bergh, who together worked with neuroscientists to develop deWiz’s Learning Stimuli, which is core to the product. The Learning Stimuli uses real-time biofeedback to help you modify your swing and implement changes quickly and effectively.

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deWiz basically is a wristband you wear on your lead arm, which has internal motion sensor chips that analyses movement in three dimensions. It generates a 3D image of your swing and displays it on the deWiz app, which you pair to via Bluetooth. It uniquely measures swing elements like Length of Backswing, Transition and Tempo, giving you the necessary information to benchmark and work on changes accordingly, eliminating the guesswork on what you actually are doing in your swing or relying on the cumbersome process of filming and analysing your swing.

Launch monitors do a great job of providing data on the effect of your swing, showing you the impact and ball flight. deWiz provides a whole new layer of data showing you what’s causing that impact and ball flight.

As an example - a launch monitor might generate data demonstrating you’re slicing the ball, but deWiz will measure exactly how much you’re coming over the top. Once you have that data, you can benchmark it and work on getting your swing more on plane at transition to eliminate your slice and hit the ball straighter.

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Using deWiz, you’re able to set numerical parameters for elements of your swing like Transition, Tempo and Length of Backswing to encourage a new and improved movement or feel. If you don’t achieve them, you can activate the Learning Stimuli. With this pioneering feature set, deWiz will instantly provide a short electronic pulse at the exact instant your swing goes astray, which via neuroscience your brain will more efficiently edit your golf swing’s motor learning script. 

Another great thing about deWiz is you can use it anywhere – on the course, on the range, even in your back garden. It’s a totally portable training tool.

Additionally, there are three modes within the deWiz app. With Discovery mode you can make swings to learn your numbers. Stand still over the ball, wait for the app to turn green and swing away. The app then generates a 3D avatar, which you can view from three different angles - down the line, face on and from the target view. In Practice & Learn mode you choose which aspect of your swing to improve and let the Learning Stimuli optimise your practice session. 

And in Challenge mode, you will find the DistWedges Challenge, which puts your precision of partial swings to the test. It makes practice fun as you can score points and play against your friends.

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deWiz is trusted by professionals around the world and brand ambassadors include Bryson DeChambeau, Annika Sorenstam and Vijay Singh. deWiz also recently launched the deWiz Coaches Program, which provides industry professionals additional data points to optimise their training sessions and revshare opportunities. deWiz has already partnered with the PGA of Sweden, PGA of Germany and LPGA Teaching Professionals. Coaches who are interested should email

You can download the free deWiz Golf app at Apple or Android store. The app can be used in demo mode without a device to get an understanding of the unique data points deWiz measures. The retail cost of deWiz is £639. It’s important to note that, unlike many items of golf tech, there’s no additional monthly subscription.

Ultimately, deWiz is a highly effective tool that helps you understand your swing and provides comprehensive real-time feedback on whether you’re implementing desired changes. deWiz eliminates the guesswork on improving and monitoring your swing, and it really is like having a swing studio on your wrist.

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