Why your finish position is important

A full, well-balanced finish position is the result of a good swing. Neil Plimmer has some tips to help you achieve this.

finish position

A full, well-balanced finish position is the result of a good swing. Neil Plimmer has some tips to explain wy your finish position is important.

Why your finish position is important

The two biggest technical keys relate to the position of your weight and the effectiveness of your body rotation.

As you drive your weight towards the target through the downswing your right heel will naturally lift.

If you get this move right around 80% of your weight will naturally move onto your left side as you finish the swing.

Likewise, for an efficient swing that delivers both power and control you need a simple and effective upper-body rotation. In the finish, your chest will naturally complete its rotation by facing the target.

Count the studs

A great way to check that you are using your weight effectively is to get a playing partner to check how many of the studs in your right foot they can see in the finish position. Ideally, they should all be on show.


Balance is one of those attributes that every good sportsman has in abundance. For the best chance to see how balanced your swing is, see if you can hold your finish until the ball lands without having to take a step to steady yourself.

Crucially, this should not come at the expense of good body rotation or an effective weight shift. If you can find a balanced finish that also features the technical keys noted on the previous page, you’ll have a far better chance of striking the ball sweetly every time. The finish should be athletic and balanced.

Analyse a photo

There are only two positions in the golf swing – the address and the finish. As such, these are the two parts that every player, no matter what your handicap, can nail down and get 100% right.

Start by getting a clear picture in your mind of what the right finish position looks like. To do this, just watch some tour golf coverage on television.

Whilst the body shapes and swings on show might be completely different, each finish position will have each of the technical keys noted opposite.

Now ask a friend to take a picture of you in your natural finish position. If you are making a destructive move, you’ll spot it immediately and by tweaking your finish, your swing will improve.

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Through the bag

It is one thing to have a full, balanced and technically sound finish position when you are striking a teed-up ball, but the principles we have discussed apply to every club in the bag.

So whether hitting a mid-iron from a fairway bunker or attempting to hole a 10-footer for par, the same rules apply. Hold your finish until the ball has reached the end of its journey – the strike is far more likely to be a sweet one.

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