Before joining the European Tour Robert Rock, started his golfing life as a PGA professional and so apart from competing in local events, he spent this time studying the golf swing and becoming an excellent coach. From my Robert Rock golf swing analysis it is clear to see that his technically proficient swing is one that we, and all his students, can benefit from.

Starting with great angles at address (his posture and alignment are perfect), he pushes the club away on the perfect plane. A good point to note here is how close his right arm stays to the body which helps set the club correctly in the backswing. I find sometimes with students that in an effort to keep the left arm straight they inadvertently stretch the right arm out of position and suffer disconnection in their backswing, leading to an indifferent swing path. Keeping the connection between your arms and body so they work together is essential and Robert does this really well.

He continues his textbook coiled move to the top of the swing, and from here he is in a position to deliver the club with force and accuracy. The unhurried transition is another move to admire here, and the club travels back into the impact area on an excellent path. I like the way Robert stores the energy so efficiently in his swing, and then releases it through the ball with top quality rhythm and timing. He rotates through to a classic, balanced finish, which I suggest is an excellent image to take with you, next time you play.

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To me Robert Rock is a real throwback to an earlier age when professionals were player/coaches and also didn’t wear logoed hats! He has several fellow tour professionals coming to seek his expert advice and in fact last year’s Dunhill winner, Oliver Wilson credited Robert Rock’s help on his game, to his amazing comeback. I would expect this talented man will continue to excel on both the playing and coaching fronts!