We find out what happened during the TaylorMade M Metalwood fitting of 6-handicapper Kevin Aitken and the M Combination he was recommended.

Name: Kevin Aitken
Handicap: 6
Home Club: Burnham Beeches
Fault: Hooks
Fitted by: Matthew Byrne


Matthew’s Fitter Analysis
“A familiar theme across Kevin’s woods was high launch and high spin, so we worked to reduce both to try and give him a more penetrating flight that he could control. We managed to bring the spin down using the moveable weight track in the TaylorMade M1 driver and then we switched him from 10.5° to 8.5°. Without much change in ball speed, these spin and launch improvements alone gave Kevin an extra 10 yards.”

Kevin’s Driver Feedback
“I tend to hit the ball quite high, so the M1 driver gave me much less spin and we gained significant yardage from the more penetrating flight that the head, lower loft and custom Speeder 661 shaft combination gave me. My bad shot tends to miss left with a hook if my hands overtake my body, so another benefit of the M1 was being able to set its weight up to counter that.”

Fairway wood

Matthew’s Fitter Analysis
“In the past Kevin’s used a 2-hybrid instead of a 3-wood and after testing both it was clear he was not only much more consistent with the TaylorMade M1 hybrid but also 10 yards longer thanks to the better strike.”

Kevin’s Fairway Wood Feedback
“I went back to a 3-wood as I thought I was losing distance, but being able to hit a 2-hybrid on TrackMan revealed that wasn’t the case at all with the 17° M1 Rescue.”


Matthew’s Fitter Analysis
“As with Kevin’s other woods, the key to improving his hybrid was lowering the flight and making it easier to control. The M1 is more compact and launches lower, so it was a great fit for him.”

Kevin’s Hybrid Feedback
“I’m much more confident with my own hybrid, and I think playing two with the same shaft, look and feel would really help my long game consistency, especially as the M1 was giving me better numbers.”

Kevin’s M Combination

1 M1 460 8.5° driver
1 M1 17° 2 hybrid
1 M1 21° 4 hybrid