John Jacobs
Head pro, Cumberwell Park GC, Wilts


– You struggle to get the ball out of bunkers
– Your distance control from sand is poor


There is one element above all others that lies at the heart of becoming a consistently good bunker player – taking the right amount of sand. The club needs to enter the sand about two inches before the ball but the problem that a lot of people have is committing to a technique that is so different to any other part of the game (how often are you required to hit the ground before the ball?). The good news is, there is nothing to fear as your margin for error is greater here than in with any other shot. But you will need to devote some time to this in practice and this classic old drill is the best way to do that. Use the handle of the rake to create two straight lines about six inches apart as I have done here. These tramlines represent where the club should enter and leave the sand. Simply concentrate on striking the back line (don’t worry about the ball) and as long as you have enough clubhead through impact, the ball should emerge softly on a cushion of sand.

How to escape any bunker: