How To Find The Low Point In Your Golf Swing

In this video, PGA pro John Jacobs explains how you can find the low point in your golf swing

Three golf balls on tees
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If you want to stop making the biggest ball striking mistakes, it makes sense to find the low point in your golf swing. Understand where the club is at its lowest and you’ll know exactly where to position the ball for crisp, pure contacts. It’s crucial if you want to shoot low scores. In the video and article below, PGA pro John Jacobs runs through everything you need to know...

The first drill is to place a tee peg on the ground in the middle of your stance. Using a mid iron, make a series of swings. Is the club striking the ground before or after the tee? This is a great drill to help you find the low point in your golf swing and it should come just after the peg.

A golf club and a golf tee

This drill will help you identify the low point in your swing

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To understand why the club might be bottoming out too early or late, think about your golf swing as a see-saw. At the top of the backswing the see-saw should be tilted away from the target as your weight settles on your back foot. Then, in the finish position, the see-saw should be tilted in the other direction, with your weight on your front foot. If you can time this weight transfer well, you will make better strikes and the bottoming-out point will consistently be in the right place.

A golfer swinging a club and an alignment stick

Thinking of your swing as a see-saw will improve your weight transfer and ball-striking

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Minor Adjustment Drill

Another great drill to help you manipulate and find the low point in your golf swing is this: place three golf balls in front of you – one on the ground, one on a low tee and one on a high tee. The aim is to hit all three balls the same distance using a mid-iron. This requires you to make minor adjustments to your low point to find the contact you need. By keeping your posture solidly set throughout the swing, you will be able to make sweet strikes no matter how the ball is lying on the course.

Try these two great drills in practice to find the low point in your golf swing. Some simple adjustments might just transform your game from the fairways.

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