The Zen Green Stage has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2019/20 list thanks to its computer-controlled, adjustable slope system

Zen Green Stage

Price: On application

Tech Talk

The Zen Green Stage, as seen on Sky Sports, is an adjustable putting platform from Sheffield-based putting specialists Zen Green Technology.

The computer-controlled Green Stage enables golfers to practice a variety of breaking putts to help them master the art of green reading in a comfortable indoor environment.

The 16 foot long stage takes seconds to adjust from one slope to another, and can offer golfers challenging double-breaking putts as well as all other putts in the scoring zone.

The Green Stage can replicate any putt under 15 feet as it offers up to 12% variation in rise and fall slope. It also delivers variable contours, multiple cups, touch-screen operation, and a quick-change putting surface which can replicate a variety of green speeds.

The Green Stage can also easily be converted to a full-swing platform for other types of practice.

A touch screen remote enables users to dial in custom slope settings, or to choose from pre-set slopes and challenges which can be created and stored in unlimited numbers.

Game Booster

The Zen Green Stage is an extremely versatile platform that allows you to gain a greater understanding of putting – the importance of slope, of pace and of break.

It’s great for emphasising the importance of alignment to any putt, whether it’s relatively straight, or more of a breaker. It’s also very good for getting a better handle on the pace of your putts, particularly when it comes to the uphill and downhill putts.

In addition, the Green Stage can be converted for use as a full swing platform allowing you to practice shots from up, down and side-hill lies. Normally, it’s very difficult to recreate those scenarios in practice but the Green Stage can do it in seconds. While access to the Zen Green Stage in the UK is limited, it’s certainly worth a try if there’s one in your area.