The Golf Monthly test team reviews the Nike VR X3X Toe Sweep wedge

Product Overview


Nike VR X3X Toe Sweep wedge


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Clubhouse Golf

Key technology:

The Toe Sweep wedge features X3X grooves, which are closer together and deeper, in order
to deliver consistent spin from the fairway, rough and sand. The toe area has been made wider, while material has been removed from the heel area. This combination is designed to make it easier to play a range of shots, with the face positioned at different angles.

Will suit… players looking to hit a wide variety of pitch and chip shots.

PGA Pro verdict:

Initially, the new sole innovation looked quite odd, and I noticed that the face wanted to fall open at address. However, this proved beneficial on test. It was exceptional from tight
lies, and there was very little, if any, ‘snagging’, even on shots that were struck slightly heavy. This is a great wedge to use on those tough, tight shots around the green.


Once you realise how much you can open the face without sacrificing control, it’s incredible how many types of shot you can play with this clever design. It still requires acceleration through the ball, but you can be so aggressive that it will encourage a positive action, particularly when you’re looking to get the ball up quickly. When playing a shot with a square face, the unique sole design doesn’t affect performance in any way. The Toe Sweep sole is particularly impressive from the sand, getting the ball up quickly without the need to open the face excessively. But... There are currently limited loft and finish options available with the Toe Sweep wedge.