The Big Max Navigator Quad Gyro is the brand's remote controlled electric trolley offering - we took it to Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club in Kent to see how it performed

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Big Max Navigator Quad Gyro


  • Phenomenal stability unlocks the fun of the remote control


  • The extra stability offered by the four wheels makes this perhaps not the best looking electric trolley on the market


Big Max Navigator Quad Gyro


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Clubhouse Golf

Tech Info

The Big Max Navigator Quad Gyro is the brand’s remote controlled electric trolley. It has the same four-wheel design as the Big Max Coaster Quad Brake which enables the trolley to turn on the spot. A fifth wheel on the back of the trolley ensures it stays on its feet without the need of a guiding hand even on the most severe terrain. In addition, gyroscopic anti-deviation technology corrects the path it takes when moving across a side slope. It features a colour display and an integrated solar charging compartment. The Navigator comes with a lithium battery as standard which is both lighter and more compact than lead acid alternatives. The Big Max Aqua Bags are also designed to fit nicely on board.

GM Verdict

The Big Max Navigator Quad Gyro is great fun! At no point during our testing were we worried about the trolley falling over as made it’s way across the links. This might sound rather basic but stability is the key to a good remote controlled electric trolley. In fact, the combination of five wheels and gyroscopic technology made this more stable than some other alternatives. Of course, you pay for that engineering but it does make a huge difference in unlocking the sheer fun on offer. The trolley also folds down relatively small and as the lithium battery comes as standard, it is easy to get in and out of the car. The added extras are not over designed, this includes the simple layout of the remote control itself, as they can be with some electric trolleys. Instead, they are simple to use and intuitive. If you are looking for a new piece of technology to add another element to your round, a remote controlled trolley can be great fun – the Big Max Navigator Quad Gyro was a fantastic performer on difficult ground and in windy conditions.


Golf can be fun... especially if you have a remote controlled electric trolley that works as well as this one! The engineering including the giroscopic technology, makes this very sure-footed on even the most hilly golf course.