GolfBuddy Laser Lite Rangefinder Review

We test out the features on the GolfBuddy Laser Lite rangefinder on the golf course

GolfBuddy Laser Lite Rangefinder Review
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Golf Monthly Verdict

The GolfBuddy Laser Lite rangefinder is a compact unit at a really good price given the level of features. The Normal mode is simple to use and the Pin mode is a very handy addition, especially with the vibration. Unfortunately, the process of turning slope on and off could be more intuitive, but the value for money on offer here is unparalleled.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Very competitive price point given the inclusion of Slope functionality

  • +

    Pin mode is excellent in picking out flag distances quickly

  • +

    Textured sections make it easy to grip securely

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    No way to tell if Slope is on or off without taking a yardage

  • -

    Display in low light could be brighter

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GolfBuddy Laser Lite Rangefinder Review

GolfBuddy is a well-established brand in distance measuring technology and the Laser Lite has become the least expensive laser rangefinder in its latest range, which includes the Aim W10 GPS watch. It’s a little smaller and lighter than most laser rangefinders on the market but it still feels comfortable in your hand when shooting for a flag.


The buttons are well-positioned on the top but might take a little getting used to how close the two are if you have larger fingers. The numbers are pretty easy to read on the display, although they do become a little less clear at dawn and dusk. There are three modes you can use it in. Normal mode enables you to get a distance for anything you aim at and confirms it with a vibration when you’re locked onto something.


Scan mode allows you to move between different targets with their distances each displaying, up to a total of 10 seconds. Pin mode helps you identify the flag when there are obstacles behind it by starting off it and then moving onto the pin, with a vibration when it locks on. Normal mode is effective and Pin mode is excellent if you sometimes struggle to accurately pick up the flag against a busy backdrop. The Scan mode is a nice idea but not something that golfers will use often, perhaps occasionally off the tee to assess distances to different trees that may or may not be in range.

The slope feature is a surprise addition given the price point but holding down the Mode button for five seconds to access it isn’t as simple as flicking a switch like you do on many other laser rangefinders. Plus, you don’t know whether it’s on or off until you actually get a yardage, which could cause an issue if you can’t remember how you left it before starting a competition round.


That aside, the carry case feels pretty sturdy, looks quite subtle and clips onto your bag easily and securely. It’s waterproof in light rain and it comes with a two-year warranty.

Kit Alexander

Kit Alexander is a golf broadcaster and journalist who commentates and presents for the DP World Tour, PGA EuroPro Tour and Rose Ladies Series. He has over 15 years’ experience of magazine and television work in the golf industry and is a regular contributor to Golf Monthly.