In this Tour Edge EXS 220 driver review, we assess the looks and performance on offer before deciding the type of golfer it will suit best.

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Tour Edge EXS 220 Driver


  • An adjustable, upscale driver yielding a high trajectory that feels and sounds mighty. At address, its clean looks are just begging you to let loose.


  • Some may desire more alignment assistance.


Tour Edge EXS 220 Driver


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Tour Edge EXS 220 Driver Review

Part of the Exotics line from Tour Edge, which is the brand’s more high-end club series, this 460cc driver is relatively affordable compared to some of the best drivers on the market.

It has a stretched out look that many different players and abilities will like in a classic shape. Its carbon fibre crown construction (replete with a visible weave) and toe, titanium body and Beta Titanium clubface means weight is positioned to maximise forgiveness, collectively improving the consistency of launch and spin to boot.


Behind the clubface are 33 thick and thin mini-trampolines that make for a hotter and faster ball flight with better mis-hit performance. Tour Edge bills this as one of its fastest drivers ever.

The EXS 220 driver has an adjustable 9-gram back weight to create one of the highest M.O.I. ratings ever manufactured in a driver. Additional weights will be available in 3 grams, 6 grams, 11 grams and 14 grams to help dial in the preferred swing weight and trajectory. On the hosel, you can tune the loft up or down two degrees from the base loft.

What’s really awesome is how it helps alter your experience on the tee box. There’s the solid impact sound, due to a sound diffusion bar inside the clubhead – a concept borrowed from concert halls to enhance the richness of sound. In this case, it just makes impact seem powerful without being overly loud.

In our testing, we consistently achieved plenty of trajectory, along with tight dispersion. There are two stock shaft options. Ours had a Mitsubishi Fubuki HD50, which felt a little bit limp.

With the loft set at 10.5°, ball flight seemingly played at a trajectory several degrees higher. And that likely contributed to a distance that was satisfyingly competitive with anything else from other major brands. This is clearly the longest and most-powerful Exotics driver to hit the market yet.


The ball flight on offer here is fantastic, when hit out of the screws. It's arguably Tour Edge's best driver to date. Expect a soaring, tall ball flight even if you’re typically a low-ball hitter. At this price, it has compelling value too.