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Nike VR Pro driver


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Clubhouse Golf

The variable compression channel from last year’s Victory Red driver has been advanced to improve performance. This is achieved by helping to increase speed at impact at more spots on the clubface, not just the middle of the club. STR8-FIT technology allows the face angle to be set in 32 different positions in order to influence shot shape.

The Nike VR Pro driver will suit those who tend to hit the ball from different parts of the face in order to shape shots and/or players who like to shape every shot with the driver.

Shaft options

Precision Project X Graphite

Lofts available

8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°, 11.5°


A great-looking club that is more forgiving than the head size would suggest. The adjustability allows for plenty of workability. The shaft and classic head combination will produce less spin than slower swing speeds will require. Not huge leaps compared to last year's impressive VR driver - but subtle changes do improve performance. The flight and distance on offer from the middle of the club are similar, but slight mishits produced improved results. The 32 different face angles probably aren't necessary, but there will be a set-up to suit everyone's taste. PGA Pro verdict Good looking conventional pear-shaped head that would appeal to the more traditional player. It performed okay, but didn't seem to have a great deal of playability for me. The strike from the face was also okay, but nothing special and ball flight was reasonable but with no ‘wow' factor. It did have a good profile at address though, and the STR8-Fit technology helped manipulate ball flight (John Jacobs).