Nike Vapor drivers review

Here you can read the Golf Monthly Nike Vapor drivers review

Nike Vapor drivers review
(Image credit: Nike Golf)

Here you can read Golf Monthly's Nike Vapor drivers review, including our thoughts on the Pro, Speed and Flex models

Three Pro, Speed and Flex drivers will be available from January. Above, Golf Monthly digital editor Neil Tappin gives his Nike Vapor drivers review.

While all three drivers boast some impressive new technologies, the stand-out feature is the FlexFlight adjustability system on the Vapor Flex - the flagship model.

A RZN tube with a high-density weight is located in the cavity of the club. This 'flightpod' can be moved to modify the centre of gravity and create optimal launch conditions for golfers' idiosyncratic golf swings.

The CG on the FlexFlight system - which also impacts launch angle, spin rate, forgiveness and workability - can be moved from low and forward to low and back.

"Often times in the fitting process, there's an opportunity for a final adjustment to develop the shot shape and ball flight the athlete is looking for," said Nate Radcliffe, Director of Engineering for Nike Golf.

"That's how FlexFlight can help. With a simple quarter turn, we can adjust the mass of the module forward and backward within the club to change the trajectory and shot shape.

"We are seeing that a two-plus millimetre shift will change launch angle up to a degree and a change in spin of about 300 rpm."

FlexFlight innovation is accompanied by three other key technologies, which also feature in the Vapor Pro and Vapor Speed drivers.

FlyBeams stiffen the club's cavity back, while FlexLoft2 allows golfers to choose from five lofts and three different face angles with 15 different settings.

What's more, a re-engineered compression channel is designed to make the entire face spring for increased ball speeds.

The Nike Vapor Flex Speed and Pro drivers go on sale on January 31, 2015.

Prices range from £249.99 - £349.99