Product Overview


Nike SQ MACHSPEED driver


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Clubhouse Golf

The sole of the club has an aerodynamic channel running from the heel side of the sole to the toe. This helps encourage a smooth airflow around the head on the downswing to help reduce drag and increase acceleration through the ball. The driver offers adjustable face technology giving you the choice of eight different face angle options, ranging from 2° open to 2° closed.

Nike SQ MACHSPEED driver should suit golfers who want a higher launch without adding loft
, are looking for a more consistent flight
, and/or prefer a modern headshape at address.



Before hitting Nike’s new offering we were unsure about the unusual design. After long-term testing however, we found it to be a superb driver. It produced high-flying shots without adding extra loft, which kept spin down. It offered consistent results and the unusual shape is 
soon forgotten.