Jeremy Ellwood puts the latest 460cc MacGregor V Foil Speed driver to the test to see if it offers decent performance to golfers on a budget

Product Overview

Overall rating:

MacGregor V Foil Speed Driver


  • Looks good at address and offers overall performance somewhat beyond its price tag, especially out of the middle.


  • Not as long as premium driver models. The standard grip is verging more towards midsize.


MacGregor V Foil Speed Driver


Price as reviewed:


Clubhouse Golf

MacGregor V Foil Speed Driver

The price of premium drivers has been edging higher again in recent years but, of course, not all golfers are able or willing to meet their £400 or £500 price tags.

Thankfully, a number of less expensive alternatives are available, including this MacGregor V Foil Speed driver with its matte-black finish, 460cc head and yellow flashes on both sole and crown that add a little colour. The ultra-thin clubface and expanded sweetspot promise high MOI performance and extra forgiveness.

MacGregor V Foil Speed driver

The ultra-thin clubface provides an expanded sweetspot

The key question is, can such drivers – coming in at a mere third of the price of the premium models – offer sufficiently decent performance to golfers on more of a budget?

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We tested this club over a number of rounds, with perhaps the most interesting results coming when we played the same few holes on a certain Hampshire golf course with our current Titleist TSi3 driver one day and the MacGregor V Foil Speed the next in similar conditions.

MacGregor V Foil Speed driver

We tested the MacGregor V Foil Speed driver on the course over a number of rounds

Looks and feel

Our first observation would be that this driver looks good and sits well behind the ball, albeit just a little closed, which would suit many golfers who struggle with a slice when hitting their drivers.

Our second observation would be that the regular shaft is a little on the soft side, so we had to adapt our swing a fraction to gain a little more control.

MacGregor V Foil Speed driver

The MacGregor V Foil Speed looks good at address but does sit a touch closed

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Again, a slightly softer shaft may suit many in this club’s target market who are looking for something to help them generate a little more clubhead speed via a touch more shaft flex assistance.

MacGregor V Foil Speed driver

The regular flex shaft is relatively soft

Impact sound

With regard to impact sound, other online reviews have referred to it as louder than other drivers, but we actually felt just the opposite, certainly in comparison with our Titleist TSi3. We felt that the MacGregor delivered a slightly duller, less lively sound at impact. That’s not to say it’s good or bad – just different to what we’re used to.

On the holes we played with both drivers, we generally progressed the ball about 10-15 fewer yards up the fairway compared to our Titleist, but always in play and still in a decent position. We had been custom-fitted for the Titleist, though, which was not an option with the V Foil Speed.

It’s also worth mentioning that the standard grip is edging towards midsize, which may suit some but for others will make it a little harder to release the club fully.


Proof that a more limited budget can still buy you a good-looking driver and a decent level of performance.