Product Overview


MacGregor MT 460 driver


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Clubhouse Golf

A classic pear-shape design with a variable thickness face. Although the MacGregor MT 460 driver sits square at address the weighting is actually set in a neutral-to-draw bias. This helps produce low-to-medium spin.

The MT will suit anyone who hits a slice as their bad shot, but wants a head that sits neutral at address



A beautiful-looking head that was very forgiving and produced a pleasing right-to-left flight. A much higher flight compared to others on test and sometimes ballooned. (Paul O’Hagan) I was expecting a cheap-looking product after seeing the head cover, but I was wrong. MacGregor has kept their classic head design, and I really liked the look. The driver sat very square at address, and the loft looked generous. This was right up there for me. (John Jacobs)