In this Honma x4 golf ball review, we sample the Japanese brand's premium ball offering over multiple rounds

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Honma X4 Golf Ball


  • Excellent distance off the tee and in to wind, with more than adequate short game control


  • The cover isn't the most robust and marks relatively easily


Honma X4 Golf Ball


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Honma X4 Golf Ball Review

Honma has made inroads into the British golf market in recent times and the Japanese brand unveiled its x4 golf ball towards the end of 2020. 

Situated at the more premium end of the market (£44.95), the x4 is a four-piece urethane ball that has been produced to combat distance loss off the tee while maintaining short-game spin.

An ultra-soft core delivers high compression of the clubface and sits alongside a High-Performance Polymer inner mantle and High Flex layer, which combine to provide increased repulsion with the driver and more distance off the tee. 

That’s the theory, anyway, but the Honma x4 ball does live up to those claims in the real world. It provides distance that’s commensurate with a ball in its price bracket, with the strong, stable flight helping produce some longer-than-expected carries.

In testing at Essendon Country Club, the par-4 300-yard 13th was no match for the distance on offer here.

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You’ll also notice impressive distance hitting into wind, something aided by the ball’s 326-dimple design, and shots that would have sliced away more with other models held their line better than expected. 

Around the greens, balls checked well and responded to clean strikes with the grab you’d expect from a premium model, no doubt helped by the soft urethane cover. Consistent spin control is so important when it comes to the short game and it’s not something you need to give a second thought to with the x4. 

Nor is your ball becoming discoloured throughout the course of a round. The bright white shade stays at least as long as would be reasonably expected, but the cover isn’t immune from picking up the occasional mark or blemish – it’s only something you notice during particularly wayward rounds, though.

Overall, the Honma x4 golf ball performed well and exceeded expectations. There’s no discernible drop off as compared to other premium models.


A good offering from Honma that offers both distance and control