Scott Kramer tests the unique Sun Mountain Boom Bag out on course to see how it funtions as a bag and as a speaker.

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Sun Mountain Boom Bag


  • An innovative, full-featured bag that happens to play tunes. You will definitely garner attention with it.


  • Your playing partners - or the players on adjacent fairways - may not appreciate it.


Sun Mountain Boom Bag


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Sun Mountain Boom Bag Review

Is this a tribute bag to Al Czervik – Rodney Dangerfield’s character from Caddyshack? It doesn’t have a beer tap built in (maybe that’s in a future model) but it does come equipped with speakers and a bluetooth transmitter, so you can pair it with your phone.

All in the spirit of letting you play tunes from the fairways. So in that frame of mind, we made sure “Any Way You Want It” was the first song we played through its speakers.

And the sound was surprisingly decent: Nice and loud if you want it. It doesn’t have the deepest bass, but do you really want to upset other groups out on the course by thumping a beat?

The speakers are at the top of the bag, facing outwards.

As for the bag part of it, the Boom cart bag features vinyl panels that can be wiped clean; a velour-lined valuables pocket with multiple slots to hold your Bluetooth controller; 10.5-inch top with five individual club full-length dividers (although there’s also a 14-way top available), including a dedicated putter compartment; color-coded speaker wires that plug into the controller; single shoulder strap; 12 pockets including a ventilated cooler pocket, apparel pocket, and multiple accessory pockets; and a phone-holding media pocket that has a clear vinyl window so you can view and change your music selection.

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Overall, the bag weighs just 4.8 pounds – which somehow seems even lighter because of its size.

The useful storage pouch for your phone.

The Boom is well made and feels sturdy — like every other Sun Mountain bag. Plus, it’s plenty roomy for whatever you want to bring with you. And the speakers are sleekly built in near the top.

They face outward, after you’ve strapped the bag into the cart. That lets the music resonate. It works great on-course, but if you ultimately want it just as a novelty item, you can place it in your office to store spare clubs and add some atmosphere.


Think of this as a really good bag first and foremost, that happens to have built-in speakers. After the freshness of playing music on the fairways fades, you’re still left with a spacious cart bag that looks nice and is plenty durable.