We put the Ping Hoofer Lite stand bag to the test to see how it performs on the golf course

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Ping Hoofer Lite Stand Bag


  • Extremely light and comfortable to carry. Very solid stand.


  • Not waterproof and in changeable conditions, a lack of storage could be a problem.


Ping Hoofer Lite Stand Bag 


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Ping Hoofer Lite Stand Bag Review

When it comes to golf bags, Ping does it better than most and the latest Hoofer Lite is no exception. 

As soon as you pick it up, it becomes apparent just how light it is, which is a massive plus point. Something that weighs heavily on your shoulders for hours at a time can seriously impact performance by the end of a round, even if you might think it doesn’t. 

From start to finish, carrying the Ping Hoofer Lite was a pleasant experience, made all the better by two comfortable and well-fitting straps. 

There is plenty of comfort on offer thanks to the adjustable shoulder straps on the Hoofer Lite

When removing and putting on the ground, the stand was very solid and secure and folded up perfectly when it was time to walk again. There was never an instance when one or both of the legs hung down and made it awkward between shots.

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Additionally, with just four sections for clubs, there is ample space without any getting stuck going in or coming out. However, some might prefer a bag with more dividers, which could be something to think about.

Moving onto the storage on offer and room in the big pocket was plentiful enough for most things a golfer would reasonably wish to put in there. A full set of waterproofs would fit comfortably, with space left for a snack or two if required.

However, the material isn’t waterproof, so should the heavens open, it wouldn’t take long for possessions to get wet.

Storage is limited on this side of the bag

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Another drawback, albeit a minor one, is that the pocket where balls, tees, club tools, and other such equipment would normally go is a little lacking. It’s far from a major issue but worth mentioning as it might mean you have to use other pockets or store everything together.

There is a small pouch to put a refreshing beverage should you remember to take one with you, but as mentioned, it is on the small side. There will be no recycled two-litre bottles featuring when this bag is in use.

But on the whole, it really is an excellent golf bag and one we’ll be using for the foreseeable future, or at least until the weather turns. For those who live in wetter climates you might need to swap it out in the winter months but a better summer bag you’d be hard pressed to find.


A very lightweight golf bag that offers an excellent combination of comfort and quality. We’ll definitely be using this when the weather permits.