G/FORE Quarter Zip V Neck Sweater Review

Mike Harris offers his verdict on the G/FORE Quarter Zip V Neck sweater

G/FORE Quarter Zip V Neck Sweater Review
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Golf Monthly Verdict

G/FORE has taken an extremely popular style – the quarter zip v-neck – and added a few extra details to create an elegant sweater with a difference. And it works.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Sophisticated style

  • +

    Suitable to wear on and off the course

  • +

    Beautiful soft feel

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Dry clean only

As G/FORE garments go, this is certainly one of the brand’s more understated items. However, with its subtle two-tone stripe details on the sleeves and its elevated neck line, it still offers the wearer G/FORE’s trademark individual styling. I'm a big fan of G/FORE shoes - I'm currently wearing G/FORE MG4x2 - and I have to say, I'm quite taken by some of the items in the clothing range.This quarter zip is premium priced at over £200, but for that you are getting a luxury fashion garment made from top quality materials - and it really does ooze style. 

How tall am I/what is my build?
5ft 8.5 inches, medium build. 

What do I normally wear – does it come up big/small?
Medium, which was a perfect fit. 

How did it fit/feel/perform?
Made with ultra soft, plaited merino wool, this sweater feels wonderfully comfortable. I love playing golf early in the morning, and this is ideal for those cooler starts. The quarter zip v-neck sweater (opens in new tab) is a favorite style amongst golfers, but G/FORE has played with the design a touch. What I really like about it is the elevated neckline, which just gives it a point of difference – plus you have those stripes on the wrist.

G/FORE Quarter Zip striped sleeve detail

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Any extra details you notice?
It’s perhaps a minor detail, but I would have preferred a matte zip, which is what you get on the Dunes vest. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the chrome, although it does add another point of difference. 

Can you wear it off the course?
Because of how smart it is, this sweater is bound to get a lot of use. My worry is that playing golf in it, and with it being so light and a dry clean only garment, it may end up showing blemishes and wear over time, especially when using a carry bag. I'll be sticking to using my trolley to ensure it stays in perfect condition. 

How does it come out after the wash/do you need to iron it?
This is a dry clean only garment (a downside), and it’s not to be ironed.