In this Dexon 3M Golf Net review, we test out the stability and durability of this impressive, compact practice net package.

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Dexon 3M Golf Net


  • Sturdy and stable while being great to practice in both indoors and outdoors. Compact to store and easy to assemble.


  • A little flimsy when using full powered shots with a driver.


Dexon 3M Golf Net


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Dexon 3M Golf Net Review

Keeping your swing in shape away from the course, or through the winter months, could have a significant positive impact on your performance.

When the course isn’t open or you haven’t time to get a round in, it’s not always possible or convenient to make it to a driving range. What you need then is the option to hit shots and keep the swing tuned up at home.

This net from Dexon is easily assembled and folds away into a compact carry bag and is just over six feet high, 10 feet wide and six feet in depth when unpacked. 

The frame is made up of strong yet lightweight fibreglass pipes while the net is constructed of a blend of high-density nylon and polyester.

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For use outdoors, the net can be fixed to the ground using tent-style pegs. The mat provided can be used, or you can just play off the grass if you don’t mind damaging the lawn!

Indoors and for harder hitting, the product comes with three foam balls. Outdoors, it’s strong enough to play iron shots into with standard balls.

It may not be strong enough to take Bryson-style driver shots but it’s plenty durable to withstand iron play and the foam balls allow you to hit harder into it if required.

It can be set up in any space, your back garden or even in the house if the weather is bad outside.

The mat is durable and realistic to play from, although outdoors you may choose to play off turf for better feel and feedback.
Setting up takes no more than 10 minutes and it’s easy to disassemble and tidy away.

It’s a solid product and one that can help you practise in spare moments or through the winter months.


An excellent practice tool to keep your swing in shape at home. Durable, easily assembled and taken apart, and can be easily stored. The inclusion of the mat and foam balls is useful too.