Two lady golfers playing together at East Berkshire Golf Club each aced the same hole on the same day at odds of 17,000,000-1!

Golfers Make 17,000,000-1 Hole In Ones

Two golfers have defied the odds by making hole-in-ones on the same hole in successive shots.

Jayne Mattey and Clair Shine were playing a round at East Berkshire Golf Club in Crowthorne, Berkshire when the unimaginable happened.

Jayne stepped up and made a hole-in-one, at odds of roughly 12,500-1.

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In the very next swing her playing partner Clair also aced the hole, meaning there had been two hole-in-ones on the same hole, on the same day in successive shots at odds of more than 17,000,000-1.

East Berkshire GC Captain George Ennis told the BBC, “According to Google and the National Hole In One Registry, the odds of two amateur golfers getting aces on the same hole, on the same golf course on the same day are 17,000,000-1.

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But this is different, these were two golfers getting aces on the same hole with successive shots. The odds must simply be greater.”

Jayne Mattey said, “We saw my ball hit the pin, but we thought it had bounced back.”

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Clair Shine said, “As we were coming towards the green I heard all the commotion.

“It was just so exciting. We did high fives and probably a little dance, I can’t remember.”

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