England Golf Invites Women Golfers To Take Part In A New Survey

England Golf has launched a new survey and they are particularly keen on hearing from women golfers

Hull hits a drive off the tee
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England Golf is currently inviting women golfers to partake in a survey of golfing habits, preferences, and attitudes in order to help them better understand the female golf audience in the country.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of women playing golf has actually increased significantly. The official participation report by the R&A highlighted that 25% of female golfers were new to the sport and tried it for the first time because of the pandemic.

The number of women golfers grew from 400,000 to 1.46m between 2019 and 2020 and there are now more women heading to the range and playing independently. This survey will be promoted using the tagline ‘Make it Count’ with the aim of supporting the work carried out to date around England Golf’s iGolf product.

This allows independent golfers to input scores, obtain an official handicap and to track their performance and insight from the initial stages of iGolf show prominent differences between independent golfers and club members from which the survey intends to build on.

“The golf landscape has changed a lot over recent years,” explains Chief Operating Officer Richard Flint. “The only way we can better understand the different needs of our increasingly diverse audience is to gauge the opinions of all women playing the game. This will allow us to better connect and communicate with them and help us to support new and existing golfers to get the most out of the game.”

With Englishwomen Georgia Hall, Mel Reid, Charley Hull, and Jodi Ewart Shaddoff all triumphing on the LPGA Tour since 2020, English women’s golf is in a good place and this survey can hopefully build on this success and further increase participation numbers.

It will be open until the 11th of November and the female independent golfers will also be given the opportunity to become part of a wider study into iGolf with a free trial of the programme.


Ross Kilvington

Ross Kilvington is a freelance writer from Scotland who has had his work published by acclaimed publications such as Nutmeg alongside popular online blogs including the Gentleman Ultra, North Section and Engrossed in Football. Ross holds a passionate interest in golf and tries to play as often as possible, although having two daughters under the age of four means his quest to break 80 will have to wait a little bit longer. He writes about golf in his spare time, most recently having an article published in the Golf Memories anthology Mind the Links, which was released in July with all proceeds going towards Alzheimer charities. With a handicap that floats between 13-14, highlights are few and far between on the golf course, with an eagle on the par 4 16th at Kinghorn one that stands out (it doesn’t matter that it was only 290 yards!).