Golfers in England have now seen their new WHS Handicap Indexes - but they still may change before 2nd November


Confusion As Some New Handicap Indexes Dogged By Miscalculations

Golfers in England got to see their new World Handicap System Handicap Indexes yesterday and it is no surprise that there looks to be some initial teething issues.

England Golf warned that your Handicap Index may still change between now and the 2nd November when the WHS goes live, and it looks like that will be the case with some clubs.

One club has seen all of its Handicap Indexes being displayed incorrectly as every member’s historic scores were taken from the wrong tees.

“I flagged the issue up with England Golf two weeks ago and they haven’t sorted the problem ,I appreciate they have a lot going on but I felt I have given them enough notice to sort the problem out,” the club’s secretary told Golf Monthly.

England Golf has assured them that they will be correct for the 2nd November.

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One GM Reader complained that their new Handicap Index was higher than it should have been because CSS (Competition Scratch Score) was not taken into account in their qualifying scores.

“Basically CSS has not been used when to work out the initial handicap and it’s cost me roughly a shot – I want to be lower,” the reader said.

“I’ve got two rounds at St Enodoc in my scoring history and the CSS in both rounds was different. Yet the course rating is identical and there’s been no PCC (Playing Conditions Calculation) adjustment.

“I’ve also got mates that are lower because CSS is often one lower than the SSS (Standard Scratch Score) yet because there’s been no adjustment made their handicap shows lower.”

The World Handicap System goes live on 2nd November here in the UK and Ireland so we can’t be 100% sure of our Handicap Indexes until it fully goes live.

Whilst many have seen their new Handicap Index look very similar to their previous CONGU one, many have seen drastic rises or falls in theirs.

Here’s what the Golf Monthly audience was saying:

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