Never Compromise GZ5

A tried and tested formula well worth a look

Never Compromise GZ5 - £89


Never Compromised were launched in 1997 and in that year they had more victories on Tour than any other first year brand ever. But after the relatively unsuccessful period that followed, the company was bought by Cleveland in June 2003 with the aim of turning Never Compromise into a top-tier putter name. The original success of the brand was based on the black/gray/black head design that proved to be one of the best alignment aids around. And not wanting to change a winning formula, this remains the case with the Gray Zone 5 that has a classic looking, attractive mallet head.


Made with aerospace-thin face technology this GZ5 provides a soft, responsive feel on the greens. The designers have combined this with a new Transmatter II insert made from 6061 aircraft aluminum to offer a remarkably solid roll. The heel-toe weight distribution should also provide a forgiving hit that will help judging distances a lot easier.


Strong roll and soft feel really are on the menu here. With all the technological benefits offered by the new Gray Zone (GZ) series, they?re once again set to make a serious impact with both pro?s and ordinary golfers. Anyone who struggles to line up their putts will find help at hand here. The soft feel should also make judging distances slightly easier.

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