PGA Collection PGA Pro

Superb forgiveness but not confidence inspiring at address

PGA Collection PGA Pro 3-SW £249(s), £299(g)

Design and Tech Benefits Highly polished head with contoured sole design and plenty of perimeter weighting. The deep cavity and extreme peripheral weighting ensure that a lot of off-centre hits are forgiven, excellent news for the improving golfer. The soles in the mid and long irons are specially designed to improve the contact when the ball is struck slightly heavy. In addition, much of the weight of the club is located in the sole which makes for a higher ball flight and allows the ball to get airborne more easily.

GM VERDICT The key problem with the PGA Pros is that the sole?s ?heavy strike? forgiveness means the leading edge sits slightly off the ground, especially in the short irons. It looks slightly disconcerting and means you will have to play the ball back in the stance a little from tight lies. The clubs are are reasonably easy to hit and the short irons seem to generate impressive distance.


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