Cougar Target Cat

Going for less than £300, they're definitely worth a look and in the right hands we reckon they're a winner

Cougar Target Cat irons £295(g) £215(s)


Take a look at these irons and you'll be in no doubt as to who they're aimed at. The stainless steel head has a thick topline that promises an easy strike and lofted flight.


With the centre of gravity pushed back and lower in the head, the Target Cats should get the ball up and away with minimal fuss. Another clever design feature comes on the grips - the modern, fresh look is attractive and the white lines are there to help you move your hands into the right position.


We tried the regular graphite shafted version and found that the heavy heads gave the ball a very powerful punch to launch it high into the air. For anyone just starting out, these are easy to hit and should help get a high handicap down.


Anyone in the market for their first set of sticks should think about taking these out for a spin. The look is smart without seeming too difficult to hit and the heavy heads deliver a promising high ball flight.

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