Adams GT2

Game improvement clubs from Adams look great but do they perform?

Adams GT2 3-SW £199(s), £299(g)


A highly-polished head and thick topline make this an attractive club to place behind the ball. Progressive sole width means the shorter irons look better than the long irons.


An undercut channel moves the centre of gravity lower and further back in the club to make it easier to get the ball airborne. It?s the same principal as with carbon crown drivers. This feature also helps eek out that extra couple of yards. The sole width and offset become increasingly pronounced in the 3 and 4 irons making them far more playable and forgiving. The heads are oversized promoting increased confidence at address. The clubs are available in graphite and steel.


These clubs send the ball high. They are very forgiving and the distance they produce is fairly impressive. If you regularly play links golf and need to keep the ball low under the wind these would be difficult to control.


If you struggle to get the ball up, even with the shorter irons, these could be the clubs for you. They look good and perform competently, you will have to get used to a rather strange looking oval wedge, however. Owing to the long blade length they are forgiving laterally. An extra £100 for graphite shafts is quite steep.

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