Bang Golf, Bang-O-Matic £169(g)


Compact with a fairly unique appearance, the funky looks of the Bang-O-Matic might cause some people to pass it by on the shelf. With the blue shaft and the indented curves at the rear of the head, it takes some getting used to when you address the ball.


The ?flow alignment? technology comprises concentric indentations in the rear which are claimed to deliver a higher percentage of purely directional energy, thus more distance and accuracy. Come in 3, 5 and, oddly, a left handed only 7 wood option.


Get past the looks and this is a solid performer, good distance and accuracy. Forgiving on poorly struck shots, it is easy to use from the fairway as well as the tee.


Generates an effortlessly easy flight and overall it?s a solid performer. But, it?s difficult to get past the aesthetics which are not good.