This Putting Training Aid Is Devilishly Hard To Master

The new PuttOut Devil Ball is designed to help golfers gain more understanding and control of face angle on short putts

PuttOut Devil Ball from above with a putter behind it
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There are a whole host of training aids out there to help you with your putting stroke, but not many are as hard to master as the latest release from putting training aid gurus PuttOut. The Devil Ball from PuttOut is a training aid that helps golfers understand and improve the most important element of their putting stroke: face angle. The ball is designed with a flat-edged impact zone to exaggerate the face angle delivered at impact and help teach golfers the right feel to get the putter face as square as possible at impact. 

Why is face angle so important? Well, according to research conducted by Odyssey in relation to face angle tolerances, golfers will have around two degrees open or closed to play with before they start to bring the lip of the hole into play from a three foot putt. Once that face angle reaches five degrees open or closed, a golfer will have no chance of holing that three footer. 

Different views of the PuttOut Devil Ball

As you can see from these different views of the Devil Ball, the flat edged impact zone will exaggerate any putts where the face angle meets the ball too open or closed.

(Image credit: PuttOut)

This is where the Devil Ball comes into its own and will give you a much greater and more visual understanding of what angle your putter face is meeting the golf ball at impact. Firstly, it's devilishly hard to hole putts with this ball unless you have good control over the face angle. From three feet, the Devil Ball will start to hit the lip of the hole one degree of open or closed face angle - that's half the tolerance of a regular golf ball. Half as tolerant, twice as difficult - you can see where the Devil Ball gets its name from. There are three different difficulties to allow for more or less margin for error, allowing the Devil Ball to be used by all abilities of golfers.

Such is the exaggerated nature of the Devil Ball, it gives you instant and understandable feedback on the face angle you deliver the putter face at impact, allowing you to work on your control from short putts. Used alongside the PuttOut putting mat, you can work on your face angle from putts up to six feet. Enough drills with the Devil Ball should give you a great understanding and feel of what it feels like to deliver the putter face as square as possible at impact and thus hole more putts. 

PuttOut Devil Ball on a PuttOut mat

(Image credit: PuttOUt)

In summary, the Devil Ball is designed to help you improve the single most important element of your putting stroke - face angle. Whether you've been playing for decades or days, this training aid will help you drill the part of your putting that every golfer can benefit learning more about. The Devil Ball pack comes with two balls, a marker as well as travel pouch that allows you to take it to the course with you. Available for $29.99 (£24.99) it's the perfect gift for yourself or for a loved one who wants to dial in their putting stroke this season. 

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