Why Stewart Golf's VERTX Remote Electric Trolley Is The Perfect Golf Course Companion

The VERTX Remote electric trolley by Stewart Golf is the best of its kind and can really enhance your on course experience while bringing several health benefits

A Day In The Life With The Stewart VERTX Remote Trolley
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When it comes to remote controlled electric trolleys Stewart Golf are the brand setting the standards for others to try and match. Stewart Golf has been producing remote trolleys for 20 years and in our opinion it has been the authority on remote technology for the last decade. Of the wide range of golf products we have tested in recent years, the Stewart Golf VERTX is one of our favourites. While there are other excellent remote control electric trolleys on the market, based on our experience none can match the all-round performance of the VERTX, which is the only electric trolley to have earned the full five stars from our review team.

Many golfers use a trolley (or cart if you are in the US) of some sort and there are three options available. The cheaper, standard models are ones you push yourself. On flat land they are certainly a less tiring option that carrying a bag, but pushing them uphill can be physically taxing. If you want to pay a bit extra for something that gives you a bit of help then you can go for an electric trolley. An electric trolley does not need to be pushed and does make life easier, but you will still need to hold on and manoeuvre it and it can be tricky to handle when going down steep hills. 

If you can afford to pay a little extra and want to treat yourself to something a bit special, then a remote control electric trolley is the way to go and when it comes to all-round performance and functionality, Stewart Golf’s VERTX is the best on the market.

There are a number of benefits to a remote trolley that most golfers won’t appreciate until they’ve actually used one. A remote electric trolley makes playing golf easier, more enjoyable and it unquestionably reduces the physical toll a four hour round of golf can take on your body. For golfers in their forties or higher, a remote electric trolley is a game changer. 

While a standard electric trolley brings some performance benefits and is certainly less taxing on the body than your standard push trolley, it simply doesn’t compare to the experience of playing a round using the Stewart Golf VERTX.

Not having to control the trolley yourself keeps your hands free to do other things and generally gives you a more relaxed and comfortable walk around the golf course, allowing you to take in the sights or to casually stroll up the fairway, hands in pockets chatting with your playing partners. 

Stewart Golf

(Image credit: Tom Miles)

When you approach the green you can just grab your putter and then send your clubs off to the next tee. This is especially helpful when your ball is on the opposite side of the green to where the next tee is located. It really helps with pace of play when you aren’t having to go to retrieve your clubs after holing out.

It is perhaps on hilly courses though when a remote trolley really comes into its own. A standard electric trolley helps on hilly courses too but also has its drawbacks as you still need to hold onto them to prevent them running away from you downhill. One of the more comical sights on a golf course is the poor golfer chasing down the fairway after a runaway electric trolley that had picked up too much speed going downhill.

Even some remote electric trolleys have that problem which is why Stewart Golf came up with the VERTX, which features an innovation that no other remote trolley has. ATC (Active Terrain Control) technology is a first in golf trolley design and sets the VERTX apart from any other remote trolley on the market. 

Stewart Golf Remote trolley folded up

The Vertx Remote folds up remarkably compactly and comes with a well-placed grab handle. 

(Image credit: Tom Miles)

ATC really is next level tech which has raised the bar in this market. It identifies how your trolley is travelling and adjusts accordingly by ensuring the correct amount of power is sent to each wheel. So in addition to keeping speed under control when going downhill, when travelling uphill the VERTX recognises that more power is needed to maintain your desired speed and automatically delivers this to its twin motors, so you will not need to worry about banging your shins against it if it slows down unexpectedly on a steeper incline. You set the desired speed and the VERTX will maintain that speed regardless of the terrain. 

This makes VERTX the world’s most intelligent golf trolley as it uses a cortex microchip to assess its environment up to 1,000 times per second, reacting to changes in the gradient and providing players with the ultimate speed and power control whether travelling uphill or downhill. 

Another thing which sets VERTX apart from the rest is its size and ease of use. When folded the VERTX is surprisingly compact and easy to carry thanks to the fitted handle. You might think that a carry handle would come as standard in all remote trolleys, but that isn’t the case and it’s one of the many handy little features that make VERTX the number one remote trolley. 

The Remote on the Stewart Golf 2023 remote electric trolley

(Image credit: Tom Miles)

When we tested this product we found that it really couldn’t be easier to use. It comes fully assembled and offers a simple, compact folding experience. The folding/unfolding mechanism is genius in its simplicity. It’s an easy three step process that allows you to unfold and be ready to load your bag onto it in just six seconds.

Packing away after your round is just as straightforward and unlike some trolleys we have tested from other brands there is no faffing with wheels and you won’t end up covered in mud. 

When folded down VERTX is one of the smaller trolleys on the market and will fit easily in the boot of your car without taking up too much room.

The range of the Bluetooth remote is impressive too. It easily copes with distances of 100 yards and in testing it has actually worked over 200 yards. A built in safety feature means it will stop if no button has been pressed for over 30 yards.

Additionally, the VERTX boasts the longest battery life on the market so the stress of worrying about the battery going dead mid-round does not apply here. You can even download the free app which will show you exactly how much battery life you have left. Battery options include the standard which lasts for 27 holes, or an extended version that will give you 45 holes.

The Stewart Golf VERTX is available to buy in the UK from Stewart Golf’s website, starting at £1349. If you are in the US you can order from Stewart Golf’s US website for $1999.99, or grab yourself Stewart Golf products from more than 20 other countries globally, via their extensive distribution network.

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