Swing plane in the short game is linked to ball position. If you think about the plane of your swing as being a constant, the position of the ball within the arc of that swing will determine the sort of shot you hit. Let me explain.

It is easy to understand the reasons for the difference in ball position when you consider the swing plane. When hitting a bunker shot or flop shot a flatter swing plane is required to ensure a very shallow angle of attack. This is why you move the ball forward in your stance. In the bunker this will help you strike the sand before the ball to get it emerging softly to the green.

For a chip and run, when you want the ball to bump into the air, you want to catch the ball with a downward strike so youmove the ball back in your stance.

If you are looking for a lower flying short game shot the general rule would be to position the ball back in your stance. As the club makes contact it will have less loft. Equally, push the ball forward in your stance and you’ll present extra loft through impact for a higher flight.

The great thing about this is that you can make small changes to fl;ight by making adjustments to your ball position. In turn this will alter your angle of attack without you having to think about or learn any swing mechanics.

It is much the same in the long game where ideally you are looking for a flatter swing plane with the driver to hit the ball slightly on the up. To do this, you move the ball forward in your stance. It really is that simple.

So without having to think about the mechanics of swing plane you can dictate flight, roll and spin through your ball position. This is just as important, if not more so, in the short game than it is in the long game.

2 - Swing plane

2 - Swing plane