TaylorMade SIM Metalwood Reader Fitting - 12 Handicap

GM Reader Tamas Ray needed more launch and more spin on his drives

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GM Reader Tamas Ray needed more launch and more spin on his drives

TaylorMade SIM Metalwood Reader Fitting - 12 Handicap

In the video above, 12 handicapper Tamas Ray gets fit for a new driver and fairway wood with TaylorMade Tour Truck fitter Sam Day.

Tamas, a member of Hadley Wood Golf Club, had previously had a 'semi-fitting' before for an older driver where he tested different heads and shafts in a golf shop.

His ultimate goal is to get to single figures, having shot numerous rounds in the 70s before but never consistently enough to drop to single digits.

Usually a gentle drawer of the ball, Tamas needed to get rid of his nemesis shot that is a high block out to the right.

He eventually settled on a TaylorMade SIM Max D-Type driver.

Tamas was hesitant to move into a draw-bias head but ultimately trusted Sam's expert opinion.

"For me what I was looking at was what I could better on what his Titleist driver was doing and he needed a little bit more launch, a little bit more spin just to try and keep it in the air a little bit longer," Sam Day said.

"We got there in the end, we did test a few things and we met in the middle a bit and we got the best of both worlds basically what I wanted to see and what he wanted to see

"He was really struggling getting the driver in the air and getting it flying a comfortable number so that was one thing that we needed to address.

"We went in for a little bit more loft, slightly different look with a shaft that helped him get it in the air and that's when we started seeing big distance gains but also the dispersion tightening up.

"There was around 4 or 5mph ball speed gain, which is obviously massive. The softer, lighter shaft helped him with his clubhead speed number.

"The thing for me was having someone who knows what they're doing," Tamas said after his fitting.

"On my own I can go and try different clubs but someone who objectively can look at my swing, look at my ball flight characteristics and can straight away zero in on what the right tool is for the job.

"I'd definitely recommend a fitting. It would have taken me months of trying different clubs and combinations to get to that outcome on my own."

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