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Dan Barlow

Handicap: 15

Home Club: Mellor and Townscliffe

Mizuno #YourGame2016 goal: To make it down to single figures.

I got into golf in 1988 when Sandy Lyle won the Masters. I played loads as a junior and got down to 12 before going to Uni. Life and family then took over, but I’m ready to give the single-figure dream another go. I’ll have to tighten up off the tee though as I lose two balls a round on average!

My short game from 10 yards and in – I’m good at chipping from around the green
Putting is also one of the better parts of my game, and I’m reasonably long off the tee too.

My driving in particular can go left or right. I struggle to control my ball flight, and will often lose a couple of balls a round. My approach play is very up and down too.