Product Overview


e-CADDY Pro-Lite GT


Price as reviewed:


Clubhouse Golf

A tried-and-tested design with no ‘bells and whistles’. A roller control is used to turn the trolley on/off and set the speed. The tires are ‘soft feel’ and puncture proof. 

Battery options/price: 18-hole (£249), 18-hole Lithium (£425), 36-hole Lithium (£475)

Colour options: Black or silver

Warranty/servicing: One-year on trolley and standard battery. Two-year on Lithium battery



The lightweight frame made it easy to get in and out of the car and it was easy to set up. The styling looks great and the design held both a stand bag and trolley bag with ease. 
Because of the lightweight design the trolley had a tendency to tip up on inclines, which made you reluctant to send the trolley off on its own. If you decide to go for the top-end model the step up in price moves it in line with some models that perform better. The lightweight design is both a positive and a negative. The trolley was great for lifting in and out of the car, but it did have a tendency to tip up, something which would be even more likely with the Lithium upgrade. The roller design made it easy to set the speed.