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20XI Soft ball


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Clubhouse Golf

Key technology

The conventional rubber core is replaced with a new resin material. It is lighter than rubber and should help to produce faster ball speeds and more control. The lighter core is combined with heavier outer layers to give the ball perimeter weighting for a straighter flight.



GM verdict: The best ball that Nike has made. Performance was excellent in all categories. It particularly impressed in the wind with an excellent flight. This is the softer of the two 20XI balls. The 20XI distance offering was more durable PGA Pro verdict: Spin was excellent around the green, but I was also impressed that there was no loss of yardage off the tee. Overall I?d rate these highly. Test Team Rating: Performance: 5/5 Visual appeal: 4/5 Innovation: 5/5 Value: 4/5 Overall: 5/5