Oscar Jacobson Tarren Tour Zip Neck Sweater Review

Alex Narey tests out Oscar Jacobson’s Tarren Tour Zip Neck Sweater to see how it holds up in the cold and wet weather

Oscar Jacobson Tarren Tour Zip Neck Sweater
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Golf Monthly Verdict

Offers great levels of warmth and looks great with a sporty finish. Light drizzle wicks off the polyester material, making this a great addition for the winter months

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Comfortable and sporty looking

  • +

    Practical chest pockets

  • +

    Neck zip gives extra protection in cold

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    For a size ‘large’ the sweater came up very big

Oscar Jacobson is a brand that always turns heads with its distinctive sporty look and stylish finish. 

The Tarren Tour Zip Neck Sweater looks great straight out of the packaging and it was no different on the course.

I tested the charcoal marl option, but there are other offerings, notably blue and light grey marl colours.

Despite its sporty look, it was noticeable how big the sweater felt. Considering I am 6'1" and reasonably well built, the ‘large’ size was perhaps on the big side. 

So you may want to drop a size down if you are looking for a more figure-hugging look.

Saying that, in terms of practicality, the sweater was super warm and because it came up perhaps a size too big on me, I could wear an extra layer underneath and it still did not feel too bulky.

I wore this several times and the last round I played wearing it, it was particularly cold and drizzly.

But the polyester fabric wicked the light rain away; anything heavier though and a full water-proof will be needed.

The sweater has some nice features, like a chest pocket, while the invisible side pockets enhance the overall look.

Oscar Jacobson Terran Tour Zip Neck Sweater Zip

(Image credit: AN)

How tall am I/what is my build?

I am 6'1" and reasonably well built 

What do I normally wear - does it come up big/small?

Usually a large, but I would drop a size for this.

How did it fit/feel/perform?

Very comfortable and kept me warm, while the neck zip was great. But it did feel a bit on the ‘big’ side.

Any extra details you notice?

The elasticated wrist cuffs and the invisible side pockets are a nice touch - and I loved the sporty look

Can you wear it off the course? 

I personally wouldn’t. Despite Oscar Jacobson being one of the more stylish apparel brands this definitely has more of a ‘golf only’ look. Great for the course; not so great for the pub.