Taylor Made Rescue – £129 (s) £149(g)


With the successful launch of the r7 Quad, Taylor Made have upped their game, flexing their muscles to keep their reputation as a top driver manufacturer in tact. But all the commotion surrounding the launch of the r7 Quad has diverted focus away from their new line in rescue fairway woods. But the Taylor Made label and sleek black and silver design should attract plenty of attention from golfers of all standards.


Designed with a low center of gravity to get the ball up and away without much fuss they should offer help from all kinds of rough and tight fairway lies. Taylor Made have also engineered a double sole for greater playability – the opportunity to shape fairway wood shots can be an important weapon when you leave the big dog in the bag in search of greater accuracy from the tee.


From the fairway the higher trajectory on offer should make approach shots to the green far easier to stop. We found the best feature on offer here was control. Whether from the fairway or off the tee the ball flight can be manipulated to find the intended target. The rescue heads are quite shallow which does look a bit strange especially when hitting from the tee but they seem to offer excellent forgiveness.


For up to £150 each, you?ll need to give it some serious thought but there are significant performance and they won’t let you down. Our advice would be to take them out for a spin before you buy.