The Complete List Of Every Golfer To Have Won Multiple Major Championships In The Men's And Women's Games

We've compiled an exhaustive list of all those who have won more than one of golf's Major Championships in either the men's or women's game

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Men's Majors

There are four Majors in men’s golf. The oldest is The Open Championship, which was first contested in 1860. The others are the US Open, which dates from 1895; the PGA Championship in the United States, which began in 1916; and the Masters Tournament at Augusta National, which is the youngest of these tournaments and founded in 1934. All four Majors are contested annually.

Here is a list of all those golfers, up until the end of the 2023 season, who have won more than one men's Major and how they did it:

List of men who have won at least two Majors

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Women Multiple Major winners

Whereas in the men’s golf game there are four long-standing and accepted Major tournaments, the situation in the women’s game is way more complicated. There was not always been agreement between the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) and the Ladies European Tour as to what constituted a Major; the number of annual majors has fluctuated, as have which events have been considered Majors and at what period in their history.

There used to be only one women’s Major annually, the Women’s Western Open, which started in 1930 and ran until 1967. Except that no-one at the time knew it was a Major. The LPGA, which was only founded in 1950, retrospectively declared all editions of this tournament as Majors. The Titleholders Championship, founded in 1937 and which disappeared in 1972, also has had its champions  retrospectively declared as Major winners by the LPGA.

The du Maurier Classic was treated as a women’s Major from 1979 to 2000, but now, under its new name of the Canadian Women's Open, it is not. It was replaced as a Major by the Women’s British Open, now known as The Women’s Open, which had been founded in 1976 but only its tournaments since 2001 have Major status in the eyes of the LPGA.

In 2013 the Evian Championship, which had been founded in 1994 as the Evian Masters, was awarded Major status by the LPGA. This means there are currently five LPGA women’s Majors. The others are the US Open, Women’s Open, Women’s PGA Championship and the Chevron Championship (which, to add to the confusion, has had different sponsors names during in its history).

Here is a list of all those golfers, up until the end of the 2023 season, who have won more than one women's Major and how they did it:

List of multiple winners of women's Majors

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