When it comes to the technical side of the game, tour players tend to fall into two distinct camps. There are the ‘doers’ who, when you ask them how they hit a high draw or a low-checking chip, look at you quizzically and say: “I’m not really sure. I just do it.” Raw talent combined with years of hitting thousands of balls on the range has trained their muscle memory to the extent that all they have to do is visualise a shot and they can hit it. Only when you really press them on the fundamentals behind the shot can they begin to unravel the process and explain the steps they take in order to play it.

Then, there are the ‘thinkers’. Players who have a deep understanding of their golf swing and all the technical minutiae that goes into getting the ball to do exactly what they want it to do each time they hit it. Ask them what swing adjustments they make to ensure their drive finds a fairway when it really has to, or about the optimum path of their putter head during the stroke, and they can drill down into their swings and demonstrate an incredible depth of technical knowledge.

In your November issue of Golf Monthly we had the opportunity to speak to two players who most definitely fall into the latter category – Rory McIlroy and Padraig Harrington. Erudite and passionate, these two giants of European golf have combined to give us what we believe to be 
one of the most insightful ‘instruction’ articles Golf Monthly has ever had the privilege to publish.

Even if you don’t think you like reading about the technical side of the game I’d urge you to find out what they had to say (even if it is just to read about the incredible new practice facilities that McIlroy is having built at his home). Believe me, it might just change the way you think about your game.

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