It has been four years to the day my Big Uncle introduced me to the addictive passion called golf. It started as a pastime but within the fortnight it all changed.

I was on holiday from work and went down to the club I joined called Dalziel Park for a few holes, completed the first hole and had a few extra putts for practice. As I proceeded to the 2nd, I was approached by another member who asked if he could join me. Now this is where it all changed for me – the guy who had taken time out to introduce himself was the club champion for the last three years running.

Without going into great detail it set off a chain reaction. Kenny introduced me to another level of golf, from being a pastime it became competitive. I was introduced to other members including Madandra and Frasting and before I knew it, I had a handicap and was playing in the Medal competitions.

My first handicap was a 28 and I am now off 9.

Now I would like you to ask yourself questions about your swing?

Never during the four years have I had a lesson from a Pro, but tips from these guys have given me, in my opinion, a good foundation to have a decent game. Everyone seems to bang on about getting lessons. I have always had a slight phobia about going for lessons as I have heard a few stories about pro’s dismantling your grip, changing your swing, and generally trying to change everything and everyone into the same robotic regime.

What I am tying to say is, watching decent golfers you play with is every bit as important as following the professional bible of a golf swing.

I don’t think there is a golf swing in the world that is identical. We all have our habits that we perform in our swing be it pre, during or after. But if we are deemed to have the basics, surely we can improve on that.

Look at the Tour golfers, even as recent as the Ryder Cup, such as Jim Fuyrk , Kenny Perry and J B.Holmes – all something different but with a similar end product.

Picking up and trying things that other players do must have some benefit.

Being part of our forum, I read about guys beating themselves up about the perfect swing, i.e., should I be here at this point and there at that point. Are we being too hard on ourselves striving for perfection?

Why do we make it hard for ourselves instead of picking something that works for you, sticking with it and as another great forumer once said, swing easy.