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Nike VR Pro Combo irons review


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Nike has combined the philosophy behind the original Pro Combo irons with the technology used to create their new Nike VR Pro combo irons. The set progresses from pocket-cavity long irons to split -cavity mid irons and bladed short clubs. The centre of gravity is different in each club to help produce the optimum launch throughout the set. 

Nike VR Pro combo irons will suit decent ball-strikers looking for forgiveness in the longer clubs
 and those wanting the feel and look of a blade in their short irons.

This stunning-looking set delivered the sort of crisp feel that any good ball-striker will simply love. The long irons are noticeably more consistent on off-centre hits without giving up on a relatively low, piercing flight.




There are few more beautiful looking sets currently on the market. The traditional aesthetic comes with an incredibly sweet, crisp strike. A must-try for any solid single-figure handicapper. We suspect the difference in topline thickness between the bladed clubs and the shallow cavities may be too much for some, even if the overall distance control was good. PGA Pro Verdict Having used the previous model I was looking forward to reviewing these and they did not disappoint. Beautifully finished they looked and felt great. Traditionally, the lofts have looked generous in the longer irons on earlier models and this seems to be the case again. The blade/cavity combination works really well and the head shapes throughout were designed beautifully and matched, which is difficult to find in many sets of this nature. (John Jacobs)