PuttOUT Tournament Inspired Studio Set Review

We check out the new PuttOUT Tournament Inspired Studio Set

PuttOUT Tournament Inspired Studio Set Review
(Image credit: Mark Townsend)
Golf Monthly Verdict

If you are serious about becoming a better putter and enjoying the part of the game where you will play around 45 per cent of your shots, then this is a tremendous addition to your at-home game. All the products are really well put together, offer plenty of variety and will help you to hole more putts

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Mat offers an outstanding roll

  • +

    Will improve your pace putting

  • +

    Very easy to pack away

  • +

    Will last for years

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Won't benefit your putts from distance

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PuttOUT Tournament Inspired Studio Set Review

For many of us the only feedback that we get is a quick lap of the putting green, too many putts out on the course and some comments from our playing partners. Few of us genuinely practise our putting even though, in the same breath, we will claim to be fantastic putters when we were juniors and did nothing but laps of the putting green.

Practising your putting can be boring – a) because we all hit putts to the same hole and b) because we rarely hole any putt of any length. This studio set is brilliant in that it offers plenty of variety and some outstanding feedback that can all be done on our own. So there’s no need for willing friends to give their best guess at what’s happening in our strokes – here we can see where our putter and ball are going.  

The Premium Pressure Putt Trainer is the star of this show. In 2021 this product was upgraded though the science is the same courtesy of a scientifically-shaped parabolic ramp. The ramp means that each putt is returned at the same distance that it would have gone past the hole. 

The micro-target has been updated to a more visible pop-down target after feedback from players told them they would occasionally lose sight of the target. Other improvements are the three smaller yellow dots which add more visuals and encourage hitting the back of the hole.

The premise is that a perfect-paced putt will finish 18 inches past and, to hole a putt, you will need to produce the perfect putt. Aim small, miss small – and, when you do miss, the ball will be returned towards you. This is really neat. There are underside spikes and a heavier base so it’s rock solid in every sense and it can be folded down and away and packed away in your bag.

PuttOUT Tournament Inspired Studio Set

(Image credit: PuttOUT)

One thing that I do know about my putting stroke is that, on occasion, it does a worrying version of a figure of eight on the backswing, and tries to correct itself on the way through. The only confidence in my putting is that I won’t truly attempt to hole a putt from outside 10 feet, instead preferring to lag it, and my path is bordering on shambolic. Through years of doing the same thing I can sort of get away with it but my putting handicap is at least four shots worse than my actual one.

The Putting Mirror and Gate Set offers some pretty immediate (and damning) feedback that my eyes are in the wrong place to start the stroke and that I rarely hit putts out of the middle of the putter face. The mirror is sturdier than you might imagine, with a spike-based rubber surround, and features a solid steel inner plate to prevent warping and breakage. It is also noticeably unobtrusive in that it doesn’t get in the way of the stroke at all. 

PuttOUT Tournament Inspired Studio Set

(Image credit: Mark Townsend)

This comes with two magnetic guides and a 50mm putting gate which, let me assure you, doesn’t offer too much room for error. The gate should be placed a couple of feet in front of the mirror to get your start line spot on or you can mix things up and test yourself a bit more. 

The neat part here are the three-inch guides which are the ideal length to keep your stroke on a square path at the business end of things and can be as a rail, gate or a backstop. And, as your stroke improves, you can narrow down the guides to get your move spot on.

All of this is played out on the Medium Putting Mat which is packaged brilliantly in a cardboard cylinder and bag for ease of transport. The most noticeable aspect of this mat is the speed of it and how easy it goes down. It’s best used on a hard surface but it rolls beautifully – PuttOUT say it Stimps at 10 which is pretty pace. It’s 2.40m long and it’s been cleverly designed to give you loads of feedback on your line, length and path and there’s also a hole.

This is quality from start to finish and, if you're prepared to put some time in at home (or in the office), then you should see some improvements on the greens. 

Mark Townsend
Contributing editor

Mark has worked in golf for over 20 years having started off his journalistic life at the Press Association and BBC Sport before moving to Sky Sports where he became their golf editor on skysports.com. He then worked at National Club Golfer and Lady Golfer where he was the deputy editor and he has interviewed many of the leading names in the game, both male and female, ghosted columns for the likes of Robert Rock, Charley Hull and Dame Laura Davies, as well as playing the vast majority of our Top 100 GB&I courses. He loves links golf with a particular love of Royal Dornoch and Kingsbarns. He is now a freelance, also working for the PGA and Robert Rock. Loves tour golf, both men and women and he remains the long-standing owner of an horrific short game. He plays at Moortown with a handicap of 6.