Could This Clever Training Aid Be Just What Your Wedge Play Needs?

If you are struggling with your wedge play, take a look at the GForce Wedge Swing Trainer, it might just be the catalyst for a great season…

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I can barely scroll three posts on my social media without seeing another training aid that promises to transform my game, so it can be very difficult to know which ones might actually benefit my game or if they even work at all! However, since their inception in 2016, GForce Swing Trainers have seen extensive use on the PGA Tour as well as with some of the world's premier golf coaches to develop their student's techniques.

The short game is statistically one of the most critical areas of the game in relation to scoring but is an area many recreational golfers neglect. It may be more fun to head to the driving range and smash a basket of drivers away, but the data tells us that an hour spent around the greens will correlate to lower scores much quicker than the driver option. The GForce Wedge Swing Trainer is designed to expedite that process by making practice sessions more productive with its instant feedback and unique feeling through the whippy shaft.

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I have watched numerous instructional pieces on chipping in regard to ball position, low point control, weight distribution, and countless other technical elements, but one of the forgotten keys is rhythm and tempo. As a PGA Professional playing in many Pro-Am events, I see a lot of seemingly solid techniques ruined by quick, jerky actions and snatchy transitions from backswing to downswing.

This is where the GForce Wedge Swing Trainer and free training videos can help a golfer develop better contact, strike, improve distance control, and finesse in tackling all sorts of different types of short game shots.

The GForce Wedge has been Trusted & Used on the PGA Tour, since 2016 with coaches and players including Rory McIlroy & Pete Cowen, and is also used by thousands of golfers and PGA teaching professionals such as short game expert Dan Grieve.

GForce Golf

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The GForce Wedge looks, feels, and performs exactly like a regular golf club because it is..! Well, kind of! Essentially the super flexible shaft and overall balance of the club place a premium on a smooth, unhurried action. Any hint of too much force or a sudden increase in speed, and the whippy shaft will kick in and immediately let you know! The feedback is so immediate that it takes little to no time to feel the correct tempo and swing pace which in turn makes it genuinely easy to find a crisp strike. I myself was struggling with a fairly consistent thin shot prior to using the GForce wedge, and after a couple of sessions, it became very apparent that my transition was far too quick, not allowing my clubhead to catch up with my hands. It was so easy to diagnose this fault, and some consistent work with the GForce wedge has nearly eradicated that shot from my game.

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The Wedge Trainer can be used on the course, at the range, or even just at home to capture and reinforce the feels. This clever training aid allows you to practice a range of shots, from full shots to chipping, pitching, and bunkers so you can quickly get back on track with your game. 

Interestingly the latest GForce models are USGA conforming hittable swing trainers that you can legally carry and use on the golf course in tournament play. The premium quality build and design offer the same feel, touch, and performance as a regular club and, they are now more of a “standard” weight compared to the original model making the transition from swing trainer to regular club quicker and more intuitive.  

The GForce “Super Flexible Shaft” is almost like having your own golf coach. It can really help to encourage correct swing mechanics aiding players to consistently strike the ball better and with more control of distance and speed.

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One of my favorite elements of the Wedge Trainer in particular is that it forces you to smooth out your swing and transition, developing a better rhythm and tempo. You cannot cheat this training aid, there is simply no option but to do it right and it is very obvious when you haven’t. This type of clear and immediate feedback is a characteristic of many of the very best training aids.

Along with simply helping a player's rhythm and tempo, the “Super Flexible Shaft” of the GForce training aid is a huge help for players who struggle with sequencing and synching up their body and arms during the swing. If your body outraces your arms or vice versa, you can immediately feel the shaft bending incorrectly and can amend the issue immediately.


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These swing faults would otherwise be hidden by a stiffer shaft which is more easily manipulated, allowing golfers to make unnecessary compensations in their swing and not address the root cause of their inconsistent golf. The GForce swing trainer simply cannot be manipulated into position so you have genuine peace of mind that your technique is progressing in the right direction.

The most compelling reason to use the GForce wedge is that, unlike many other training aids, it does not just highlight faults, nor does it just fix them, the unique benefit of this wedge is that it does both!

The GForce Wedge is priced at £99.99 with worldwide shipping available. Golf Monthly readers now have access to a 20% discount when purchasing two or more products from Simply use the code GM20 at checkout and get your short game on track right now. 

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