Where Can I Sell My Golf Clubs?

Looking to offload some old golf clubs? We explain where the best places are to do so

where can i sell my golf clubs
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With disposable income at an all time low, many golfers are brushing the dust off their old clubs in the garage and looking to sell. The market for second-hand clubs is strong, but not everyone knows where to turn when they retire an old set or want to part ways with a trusty faithful. But where exactly are the best places to do so in order to get the best bang for your buck?

A member of staff helping a customer at Golf Clubs 4 Cash in Edinburgh

Using a second-hand retailer like golfclubs4cash takes the stress away from selling golf clubs

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Your first port of call should be a reputable second-hand golf club retailer, like golfclubs4cash, that sell pre-owned golf equipment exclusively. They take away a lot of the stress that can often come about when trying to sell a club, like bartering and arranging postage, which also comes at a cost. If you're wanting to spend the money you make on another used golf clubs, golfclubs4cash will also give you a little extra towards the club you're trading in, which adds an extra incentive in going down this route.

“We have a business that functions pretty much 12 hours a day, seven days a week,” says Dean Cracknell from golfclubs4cash, explaining yet more reasons why going down this route makes things easier for the seller. “We also have intermediary solutions outside of business hours, things like chatbots and messaging services. And beyond the service, you get fair market rate driven valuations and prompt and efficient service. More so than anything else we're service led, that's our main focus as a business.”

There are a team of people at Golf Clubs 4 Cash who handle inquiries and shipping

There are a team of people at golfclubs4cash who handle inquiries and shipping

(Image credit: Golf Clubs 4 Cash)

There are pro shops up and down the country that might have a small inventory of used clubs tucked away that you could add to. There are charity shops and online marketplaces like Gumtree and Facebook where golf clubs can be bought and sold.

If golfers want to sell their old golf equipment for maximum return, they sell it themselves privately on eBay, but as a private seller there are challenges. For example having to photograph and list the product themselves, pay the listing and seller fees, the cost of packaging and shipping the product all fall on the seller. You also have to deal with inquiries before even selling the goods and then people hassling for a refund or berate you with negative feedback - it can be a minefield!

Retailers may not offer the golfer as much for their equipment as they would likely generate if they sold the equipment themselves. For those prepared to put in the legwork, maximum rewards await, but for the majority who perhaps don’t have the time or the impetus to go through the arduous process, it could hardly be easier to sell your clubs through the golfclubs4cash website or at their stores in Edinburgh and Warrington.

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