Zane Scotland

Zane Scotland

Top 50 Coach

Location: Bletchingley GC 

Zane has been coaching for six years after a playing career that saw him feature in two Opens. He has worked with and been inspired by the likes of David Leadbetter, Claude Harmon, Pete Cowen, Mac O'Grady and Robert Rock and he has coached a huge number of male and female tour pros in recent years. 

Most common impact fault:

Not enough compression There are many ways of correcting it, hitting full speed shots and putting the brakes on post impact is one of the main ones. 

A typical lesson:

Start with a conversation with some analysis and then working on which fundamental to tackle and improve - contact, power, curvature. Then help the player understand and gain clarity on the improvements that can be made and map out how we are going to tackle them. Then will demo improvements and, if needed, move through different drills and feels to get the best ones for the player. After a time of learning the new improved feels and moves we will do some performance drills as to see how much or how little the player can use straightaway and what is more long-term work that may take some time to show up in performance. We will close the session by agreeing on a practice/training plan going forward and then I will make a video with the client watching so they have that 3-5 minute video for reference when they go to practise/play on their own. 

Students learn best when… 

When they are open and are comfortable enough within the environment to fail. Helping them understand that when we are together working on their game that they are in a place where they are allowed to fail they are able to learn at a better rate.