Joshua Mayo

Joshua Mayo

Top 50 Coach

Location: Windmill Leisure

Joshua has been playing golf pretty much his entire life with his dad, Paul, being a former Amateur champion and Walker Cup player. He brings a holistic approach to coaching for all ages and abilities and he will use a combination of modern teaching methods as well as the traditional methods. Is an all-round sports fanatic.

Teaching philosophy: 

As a whole I like to consider my teaching to be holistic. With qualifications in sports psychology and strength and conditioning I like to consider myself able to deal with any scenario. On a daily basis I see people need to improve their physical well-being just by watching them swing a club. Some other people have issues that can’t be seen physically and can only be found when you dig a bit deeper into their mindset. Some people just want to have a friendly chat and the smallest of improvements in their golf can make their day. Everyone needs specific and individual attention but from a golf coaching perspective having good posture and trusting your own swing from that point is crucial. 

Assessing a student's needs:

Ask them how they learn best. People learn in different ways. Asking them what job they do can often be a good indicator of how they learn. Some people love seeing video analysis with trackman data whereas other people like to feel the movements and learn from the feedback of the strike and ball flight. Others like to see explanation demonstrations so showing and explaining can be useful. 

Greatest teacher:

My dad, Paul Mayo. He was fortunate enough to play in the Masters with Jack Nicklaus so that alone means he has plenty of experience and stories to tell. His lessons are always engaging and he keeps things extremely simple. He coaches by eye and has an amazing understanding of people's needs. He has developed young golfers as well as elite and lady golfers. His attitude towards the game is inspiring and contagious.