Alex Buckner

Alex Buckner

Top 50 Coach

Location: Bearwood Lakes Golf Club

Alex spends most of his time looking after his stable of players on the DP World Tour, Ladies European Tour and Challenge Tour, focusing primarily on their short games. When home he is available to help your game reach the next level. Alex has experience coaching at multiple Majors, including The Masters, and has helped many pros climb the ranks and earn their tour card.

Most common advice regarding practice:

Block practice has to be individual and have a purpose. Also needs more or less time dependent on area of the game that has more or less variable situations.Skill acquisition needs to be trained separately as well as together. Weaknesses as well as strengths need to be noted so you can play to strengths when performing.

Performance practice is the exam of training on how well you can combine your block practice while matching all the skill acquisitions to achieve a result. When finishing performance practice, there needs to be a reflection on what parts went well and not so well so you can plan redirect your training to improve.

Most common problem with wedges:

Low point depth. Many don’t understand it so I begin there. Another is how to control low point depth and what parts of the body can change it. Understanding and intension affects movement.

Difference between good teachers and great teachers:  

Good teachers provide solutions to problems. Great teachers not only teach but coach. Coaching for me is much more personal and goes beyond the lesson tee. Such as looking into stats with a players to then direct sessions to be more productive or might even be listening to problems at home and sharing some advice. 

This all impacts performance and creates better environments.